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Harm Of Transformer Oil Sludge

Harm Of Transformer Oil Sludge

The final product of deep oil deterioration is sludge. Sludge is a resinous, partially conductive substance that is moderately soluble in oil, but eventually it will precipitate out of the oil to form viscous asphaltenes that adhere to the wall of the insulation material and the edge of the transformer shell, it is deposited in the circulating oil passage, cooling fins, etc., causing bad consequences. This not only accelerates the destruction of solid insulating materials, but also leads to insulation shrinkage. This shrinkage will cause the transformer to lose its ability to absorb shock loads, and will seriously affect heat dissipation, causing local overheating of the transformer coil, increasing the operating temperature of the transformer, and resulting in reduced operation, affect the safe operation of the transformer, etc.

When oil sludge is generated in the transformer, it is usually necessary to replace the new oil and then use a Vacuum Oil Purifier to perform circulating vacuum filtration to remove the residual oil. The steps are as follows:

(a) Spray with fresh oil heated to 60°C to circulate and flush the oil sludge on the insulating material inside the transformer, the edge of the shell, and the inner wall, and then drain the oil.

(b) Manually enter to remove sludge and residue oil inside the transformer and on the chassis.

(c) The transformer is then evacuated and filled with new transformer oil.

(d) Use a Vacuum Oil Purifier to extract the new oil in the transformer, heat it to 50~60°C, and carry out further filtration and adsorption treatment through the regenerative adsorption tank (if any) of the vacuum oil purifier/vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration plant, and then pump the oil back to the transformer.

PureTech has been manufacturing and supplying transformer oil treatment plants for many customers worldwide, to help them solve the problem of transformer oil pollution by water, dissolved gas, impurities, as well as sludge, etc. It is proved that, transformer oil under proper maintenance has a longer service life than those don't. Treatment methods includes Transformer Oil Dehydration, degassing, filtration, regeneration, etc. If you need to know more about transformer oil treatment, and how to remove transformer oil sludge, welcome to contact us here. Or check more products of Transformer Oil Purifiers.

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