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Dry Air Generator For Transformer

Dry Air Generator For Transformer

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PureTech completed the production and delivery of one set Dry Air Generator for power transformers.

Dry Air Generator is also called as Dry Air Machine or Transformer Drying Machine, it is mainly used as a Air Drying Machine for various industries, and also widely used for supply dry air to reactors and other large-scale power equipments during maintenance, to ensure that the internal insulation of the power equipment . It is safe, reliable, economical and convenient than using bottled gas. By using the dry air generator, it can supply the clean and dry air continuously when maintenance engineers are working inside transformer tank, therefore, on the one hand, the internal components of transformer will not be affected by the moisture in air, on the other hand, the engineers working inside transformers will be safe.

Dry Air Machine is more and more popular and widely used in the power stations and substations in China and abroad because of its advantages. Welcome to contact us for more info about this Model DAG Dry Air Generator For Transformer.