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Turbine Lube Oil Quality and Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier

Turbine Lube Oil Quality and Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier

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What is the function of the turbine oil system?

The functions of the turbine oil system are as follows:

(1) Supply oil to the bearings of the unit to lubricate and cool the bearings.

(2) Supply the regulating system and protection devices with stable and sufficient pressure oil to make them work normally.

(3) Supply lubricating oil for each transmission mechanism. According to the function of the turbine oil system, the oil system is generally divided into two parts: the lubricating oil system and the regulating (protecting) oil system.

What are the quality indicators of turbine oil?

The quality of turbine oil has many indicators, mainly including five indicators such as viscosity, acid value, acid-base reaction, degree of demulsibility and flash point. In addition, transparency, freezing point temperature and mechanical impurities are also criteria for judging oil quality.

1) What is the viscosity of turbine oil? What is the viscosity index? Viscosity is the criterion for judging the dilution of turbine oil. If the viscosity is high, the oil will be thick and not easy to flow; if the viscosity is small, the oil will be thin and easy to flow. Viscosity is measured in Enn's degree, and the commonly used viscosity of turbine oil is Enn's degree of 2.9 to 4.3. Viscosity has a great influence on the lubricating performance of the bearing. If the viscosity is too large, the bearing will easily heat up, and if the viscosity is too small, the oil film will be damaged. As the oil quality deteriorates, the viscosity of the oil increases.
2) What is the acid value of turbine oil? What is an acid-base reaction? The acid value indicates how much acid is in the oil. It is calculated by how many milligrams of potassium hydroxide per gram of oil are needed to neutralize. The acid value of the new turbine oil should be no more than 0.04KOHmg/g oil. When the oil quality deteriorates, the acid value rises rapidly.
3) Acid-base reaction refers to whether the oil is acidic or basic. A good turbine oil should be neutral.
4) What is the degree of demulsibility? What is a flash point? The degree of demulsibility is the ability of oil to quickly separate from water, and it is expressed in terms of the time required for separation. A good turbine oil has an anti-emulsification degree of not more than 8 minutes. When the oil contains organic acids, the anti-emulsification degree will deteriorate and increase.
5) The flash point means that when the turbine oil is heated to a certain level, part of the oil turns into gas, which can be burned with a little fire. This temperature is called the flash point (also known as the ignition point). The temperature of the steam turbine is very high, so the flash point cannot be too low. , the flash point of a good turbine oil should not be lower than 180 ℃. As the oil quality deteriorates, the flash point decreases.

What is the harm of the deterioration of turbine oil quality?

The quality of turbine oil is closely related to the normal operation of the turbine. The deterioration of the oil quality changes the performance of the lubricating oil and the oil film force, causing the lubricating parts to not be well lubricated, and as a result, the bearing bush is melted and damaged. Serious consequences of device failure.

Therefore, attention must be paid to the supervision of the quality of turbine oil. One of the important tasks in the supervision of turbine oil quality is the filtration and purification of turbine oil. Regularly purifying and filtering the turbine oil can prevent the oil from deteriorating too quickly and prolong the service life of the turbine oil.

The filtration of turbine oil is mainly realized by the vacuum turbine oil purifier. The water in the turbine oil is removed by thermal vacuum technology, and the dissolved water is removed by the demulsification filter element. In addition, the multi-stage high-precision filter element with strong dirt holding capacity is used to filter impurities. , so as to ensure that the turbine oil meets the requirements for use. The turbine oil purifier developed by PureTech can fully meet the use requirements of power plants, and the filtered turbine oil meets the use requirements and will not damage the oil quality. According to actual needs, users can also choose ordinary vacuum turbine oil purifier or fire-resistant oil purifier.

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