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Working Process of Vacuum Oil Treatment Equipment

Working Process of Vacuum Oil Treatment Equipment

The Vacuum Oil Purifier is composed of coarse filter, fine filter, electric heater, vacuum degassing chamber, oil pump, solenoid valve, condenser, demister, vacuum trap, and circuit control, protection device and other parts.


The vacuum degassing chamber is composed of a tank body, nozzles, oil inlet and outlet pipes and fillers. (A Vacuum Oil Purifier equipped with two vacuum degassing chambers is called a two-stage high-efficiency vacuum oil purifier. The dehydration and degassing effect is better and the efficiency is higher).


vacuum oil treatment equipment vacuum oil processing flow

vacuum oil treatment process  for eletrical transformer oil is shown as above


The oil to be treated enters the heater through the coarse filter, and the heated oil passes through solenoid valve and the spray tube of the vacuum degassing chamber. After the oil is sprayed into very fine droplets, the water (and gas) in the oil will be sucked out due to evaporation under vacuum. After water and gases being removed, the oil drops fall back to the lower oil chamber and then discharged by the oil pump. After passes through the fine filter, you get the purified oil. The entire oil treatment process also includes protection functions such as solenoid valve control of the oil intake, liquid level control, and constant temperature control.

Furthermore, the machine can be designed with transformer evacuation if required.