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What are the advantages of vacuum oil purifier

What are the advantages of vacuum oil purifier

Today PureTech will bring you some characteristics about vacuum oil filter machine:

① Small size and light weight.

② Using vacuum oil inlet, the equipment is equipped with a tubular rotary injector, which reduces the resistance, accelerates the rotation speed, and increases the separation effect of oil and gas.

③ Increase the regeneration and purification function of metamorphic oil, increase the silica gel net oil system, and integrate the silica gel net oil and impurities filtering into one. After filtering out the impurities in the transformer oil with slight metamorphosis, the adsorption and regeneration through the silicone Oil Purifier will make It reaches the qualified oil specification. (For regeneration machine type)

④ There are two filtering methods for the Oil Purifier: one is the traditional oil filtering method-the filter paper is used as the filter medium; the other is the special refined filter element that does not require the filter paper is the oil filter medium.

⑤ One machine with multiple functions. When used on site, the original oil-carrying equipment is used as an oil storage tank to circulate hot oil between the equipment, so that the three functions of filtering oil, regeneration, and hot oil circulation are simultaneously performed. Saving labor and time is indeed a triumph.