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Maintenance of Filter Elements

Maintenance of Filter Elements

How to clean and maintain the filter element of the Vacuum Oil Purifier ?

The filter element of the Vacuum Oil Purifier is a product used to remove mechanical particles, dust and other impurities, to keep the oil clean. How can we ensure a longer service life and cleanliness of the filter element in the vacuum oil purifier? The key lies in our correct use!

1. We should correctly select the filter element for vacuum oil purifier, because the model of the filter element must be matched with the oil filtration equipment. If the selection is not appropriate, it will affect the filtering effect.

2. The filter element of the vacuum oil purifier needs to be cleaned and replaced in time, because the impurities in the oil are gathered on the filter element during the time of purifying the oil, and long time purification without cleaning filter elements will cause the oil filtering speed to slow down , besides, the oil is not clean enough.

3. The axial pressure cannot be increased during use. If in this case, the lubricating oil can pass through the filter screen faster, however, the filter element will often be crushed and the cleanliness of the lubricating oil after filtration will be affected.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of filter element inside vacuum oil purifier, we must clean the filter element in time, especially for Transformer Oil Purifier/transformer oil filtration system. The method is now introduced as follows:

1. Before cleaning the vacuum oil purifier, the oil purifier must be stopped, the oil inlet and outlet pipes must be closed, and the power switch must be turned off.

2. Open the oil drain valve of filter cartridges and drain all the oil in the filter until the oil has run out (open the air drain valve to speed up the oil drain).

3. Open the filter cover and take out the filter element after oil is drained out.

4. Take out the filter element from vacuum oil purifier, and put it into an oil pan filled with kerosene, soak for 30 minutes, then clean it with air blow.

5. Use a brush to remove the deposits on the surface of the oil filter element, and then wipe the filter clean with a rag.

6. Then install the filter element back to vacuum oil purifier and tighten the filter bolt. It can be put into use after cleaning.

Classification of Filter elements in Hydraulic System

1. Oil suction filter

The oil suction filter element is installed at the oil inlet pipe to prevent coarse particles from damaging the hydraulic pump. The filter element of the suction filter generally adopts the structure of filter paper and metal mesh. In order to prevent cavitation from occurring in the pump, the resistance of the filter during the filtration process cannot exceed the specified value.

2. High pressure filter

The high-pressure filter element is directly installed in the high-pressure pipeline and ensures that one or several working parts are provided with hydraulic oil that meets the working requirements according to the requirements. High-pressure filters usually use synthetic fiber filter media or semi-synthetic fiber filter media.

3. Oil return filter element

The oil return filter element is installed in the return line of the hydraulic component to ensure the long service life of the return filter before the hydraulic oil flows back to the oil tank, and the purity of the oil in the oil tank. The filter medium of the oil return filter is made of synthetic fiber or natural fiber.

4. Replace imported filter element

PALL, HYDAC, Parker, MPFILTRI, Ingersoll Rand, Donaldson, SULLAIR, ATLASCOPCO, JOHNDEERE, MANNFILTER, CAT, BALDWIN, etc. The interchangeable filter element made of imported glass fiber is designed and developed for industrial oil filtration system. In order to meet the strict requirements of the system for cleanliness, the user is provided with a high-precision filter element with a filtration accuracy of 1 micron, thereby meeting the system's requirements for particle filtration.

5. Water treatment filter element

Water filter elements are mainly used in security filtration, seawater treatment, power plant condensate filtration, biomedical industry solvents, drinking water, edible oil and other liquid filtration. It has the advantages of stable filtration performance and long service life.

6. Coal mine filter

Coal mine filters and filter elements are widely used in hydraulic support control systems at home and abroad. It is suitable for imported hydraulic supports such as DBT and JOY, and domestic hydraulic supports such as Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery, Beimei Mining Machinery, and Pingdingshan Coal Mining Machinery. It can be divided into: coal mining hydraulic filter element, hydraulic pump station filter element, hydraulic pump station high pressure filter element, coal mine equipment vehicle oil filter element, coal mine equipment vehicle air filter element, hydraulic support bottom valve filter element, hydraulic support backwash filter element, etc.