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DVOP-100 Transformer Oil Purifier Onsite Filtration

DVOP-100 Transformer Oil Purifier Onsite Filtration

PureTech's DVOP-100 Transformer Oil Purifier (double-stage vacuum, 6000 LPH) carrys out oil filtering work in customer's substation.

By using the transformer oil filtration system, the oil parameters will be greatly improved and meet the standards of reuse. The water content can be reduced to less than 4 ppm, gas content less than 0.1%, and breakdown voltage higher than 70kv. This oil dehydration machine is weather-proof covered and was mounted on the client's truck. PureTech also provides trailer with roadworthy wheels, it can be connected with truck and running on highway.

Thanks to the trust of our dear clients, PureTech will always provide high-quality oil filtration machines and professional oil treatment proposals.

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