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6000LPH Transformer Oil Filtration Machine To Be Completed

6000LPH Transformer Oil Filtration Machine To Be Completed

6000lph <a href= target='_blank'>Transformer Oil Filtration Machine</a> for transformer maintenancetransformer oil treatment machine to remove water, gas and impurities from transformer oil

DVOP-100 (6000 liters/hour) Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant is to be completed by PureTech Oil Filtration.

PURETECH OIL FILTRATION is about to complete the production of another set of DVOP-100 (6000 liters/hour) DOUBLE-STAGE HIGH VACUUM TRANSFORMER OIL FILTRATION MACHINE for our client in from South America. This set of Transformer Oil Purifier is mainly composed of two vacuum pumps (rotary vane vacuum pump & roots booster pump), oil outlet pump with driven motor, vacuum degassing chamber, electric heater with thermostat, three stage oil filters, foam dispel sevice, condenser unit, transformer vacuuming port,etc. The client also selected the optional items: PLC control & Touch screen, so this machine can perform autoamtic control and online monitoring functions.

Transformer oil is important liquid dielectric of oil-immersed transformers. Moisture contained in transformer oil will bring a harmful effect on the transformer oil insulation. As known by all, the transformer oil dielectric strength decreases with the increase of temperature, as well as moisture content. The effects of moisture content on dielectric strength and dielectric loss factor mainly refect in the low frequency bank. In low frequency band, the relative dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor of transformer oil decreases with the increase of frequency, but increases with the increase of temperature and moisture content.

Therefore, in power transformer maintenance and installation work, oil filtration is an important part. No matter for used oil maintenance, or new oil filling into transformers, oil filtration work must be performed to ensure the normal function and reliable performance of transformer oil insulation. Transformer oil filtration plants designed and manufactured by PURETECH OIL FILTRATION is an ideal equipment for such work. These transformer oil filtration machines cannot only remove particulate matters (dust, fiber, mechanical impurities,etc.) from transformer oil, but also removes moisture and gases from transformer oil. After oil treatment (oil filtration, oil dehydration and oil degassing), the water content and gas content of transformer oil will be reduced, breakdown voltage (BDV) of transformer oil will be significantly improved. If your transformer oil is deteriorated than usual, we also supply Transformer Oil Regeneration plant which can remove acids, oxides and other decaying products from transformer oil, as well as improving oil color.


  1. DVOP                  Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant
  2. VOP                    Single-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant
  3. DVOP-R               Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant
  4. VPS                     Vacuum Pumping System for Transformer Evacuation
  5. DAG                    Dry Air Generator (Air Drying System)
  6. GRF                    SF6 Gas Recovery and Refilling Machine
  7. Oil Testing Kits     Transformer Oil BDV Tester, Moisture Content Tester, DGA, TTR, etc.

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