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Performance of Gas Insulated Switchgear

Performance of Gas Insulated Switchgear

GIS is the abbreviation of Gas Insulated Switchgear in English. Its original meaning is gas-insulated switchgear. The work needs to be connected, and all parts are installed in a grounded metal shell. The shell is filled with SF of 0.3~0.4MPa. The gas serves as the insulation between the charged parts phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth.


In our country, it is usually called SF. Enclosed combination appliances. The advantages of GIS are:


(1) The result is compact and occupies a small area. Generally, it is only 1/10 to 1/20 of the traditional land use.


(2) It is less affected by the outside world, especially not affected by pollution, rain and fog.


(3) Can completely prevent accidental electric shock accident.


(4) It does not cause interference to radio and television, and does not generate noise interference during operation.


(5) The workload of installation and maintenance is small, and the maintenance requirements are lower than that of traditional switchgear.


GIS has been applied in a certain range in our country, and our country has been able to formally produce 110~220kV GIS. And 500kV GIS has been trial-produced.


At present, three-phase shared box GIS is being produced at home and abroad. The shared box type is more compact than the divided box type, and can save about 1/3 of the floor area.


At present, the voltage range of the common box GIS is limited to 126~252kV.

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