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  • Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart

Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart

  • Category: Portable Oil Filter Carts
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  • Product Origin: CHINA
  • Model: OFC
  • Flow Rate: 3000 ~ 12000 liters/hour
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:Lubricating oil transfer pump cart is a portable oil filtering and oil transferring system which is widely used for transferring transformer oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, engine oil and other indus

Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart

Application of Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart

Model OFC Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart is suitable for working conditions such as oil transportation and filtering impurities.

This two-way oil transfer pump carts are mainly used in power plants, power supply stations, power stations, electrical appliances manufacturers, transformer factories, and industrial and mining enterprises to filter transformer oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, switch oil, cold oil, stator oil, engine oil and other oils transferring and filling.

Features of Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart

This equipment adopts a two-way oil pump, which can easily realize two-way oil delivery, and the direction of oil flow can be changed without disassembly and assembly of pipelines;

All oil pipes are equipped with quick connection, which is convenient to disassemble and move;

The two-way oil inlet is equipped with a "Y" filter to protect the oil pump;

This equipment has no leakage, small size, light weight and convenient movement;

The universal rear wheel makes the movement more flexible and light.

Technical Parameters of Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump Cart



Flow Rate

50 Liters/Min

Lift Head

15 m

Power Supply

380V, 50Hz, 3 P or Customized

Power of Motor

2.2 kw

Working Noise

70 dB

Oil Inlet/Outlet Diameter


* Please inquire us for other flow rates or types.

* The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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