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  • Transformer Air Dryer Machine for Maintenance
  • Transformer Air Dryer Machine for Maintenance
  • Transformer Air Dryer Machine for Maintenance
  • Transformer Air Dryer Machine for Maintenance
Transformer Air Dryer Machine for MaintenanceTransformer Air Dryer Machine for MaintenanceTransformer Air Dryer Machine for MaintenanceTransformer Air Dryer Machine for Maintenance

Transformer Air Dryer Machine for Maintenance

  • Category: Dry Air Generator
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  • Product Origin: CHINA
  • Model: DAG
  • Air supply capacity: 40 ~ 600 m3/hour
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:Transformer air dryer machine is also called as transformer dry air generator, it is used to continuously generate dry and clean air to the transformer body when engineers are providing maintenance an

Application | Transformer Air Dryer Machine

When providing maintenance for transformers, reactors and other electric equipments, to prevent moisture of air from entering the equipment, the traditional method is nitrogen filling. But with PureTech designed Transformer Air Dryer Machine, it can quickly, effectively and continuously supply high-purity dry air with a dew point as high as -55~-70 during installation and maintenance of large power equipment such as transformers and reactors, keeps the power equipment' inner parts from moisture in the maintenance of the transformer, reactor and other large power equipment.

It can replace traditional hot oil circulation, supplementary air pumping, etc. It is suitable for supplying dry air that This machine can ensure that the maintenance staff will not be short of oxygen when working inside of the equipment. It is more reliable economical convenient and safer than nitrogen. Therefore, it can shorten the maintenance period and improve the efficiency of maintenance quality. This transformer air dryer machine developed by PureTech Oil Filtration Co. is free of the affect by external climate change, therefore on the one hand it can help to protect the safety of engineers, on the other hand it will help to ensure the normal and effective work of transformer maintenance and repair.

Working Principle | Transformer Air Dryer Machine

The transformer air dryer machine can show its unique advantages for large transformers and reactors in the power system. When the transformer is shipped from the factory, heavier insulating oil is pumped out and replaced with very light dry air, which reduces the transportation cost of large transformers. Due to a long time for overhaul and accident repair of a large transformer, sometimes more than half a month, if there is no absolutely dry air to fill the transformer around the clock, the transformer body will be seriously damp, and it will be seriously corroded. The insulation performance will be destroyed. The dry air generator manufactured by PureTech can ensure that the internal insulation of the transformer will not get wet during the maintenance process, and the maintenance personnel will not suffocate due to lack of oxygen when working inside the equipment. It is not affected by external climate change, avoiding the traditional transformer oil thermal cycle drying method, which can ensure the improvement of oil insulation performance and the reduction of moisture, and also ensure the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

How the transformer dry air generator works ?

Firstly, the air enters the gas storage tank through the air compressor, most of the water is compressed and liquefied and discharged through the drain valve, and the air is dried for the first time;

Then enters the refrigerated dryer, the water vapor is condensed into water, and the air is dried for the second time: then Enter the adsorption dryer for the third drying, absorb the remaining trace moisture, and finally transport it to the equipment requiring dry gas through a high-precision air filter.

DAG series dry air generators can continuously provide dry air and are equipped with two adsorption tanks. When one tank is drying the air, the other can automatically dry the adsorption material, so as to save time and improve work efficiency.

Structure | Transformer Air Dryer Machine

PureTech DAG transformer air dryer machine is mainly used to quickly and effectively provide dry air for transformers and other industrial equipment. It uses an air compression system, refrigerated air drying system, adsorption drying system, air purification system and PLC control system.

Air compression system composition: It is composed of dust filter, screw air compressor, radiator (air-cooled), air-water separator and filter, and outputs clean and oil-free gas.

Composition of freeze-drying system and air purification system: This device mainly adopts a fully enclosed high-temperature compression refrigeration unit, which has stable and reliable performance and can obtain greater cooling capacity. The system configuration adopts imported fully enclosed compressor units, air heat exchangers, evaporators, gas-water separators and fine filters; the refrigeration process R22 refrigerant first consists of a fully enclosed high-temperature compression refrigeration compressor, cooler, desiccant, electromagnetic The valve is finally returned to the refrigeration compressor through the evaporator, and a 0-5℃ low temperature environment is obtained inside the evaporator.

• Advanced and reliable PLC control system is integrated, which characterizes automatic timing, automatic switch of work.

Electrical control: Schneider Electric is used for the main control electrical part; the electrical performance of the whole machine is stable, safe and reliable.

• Intelligent design makes operation much easier and safer.

Technical Parameters | Transformer Air Dryer Machine

Item Unit DAG-40 DAG-120 DAG-200 DAG-300 DAG-400 DAG-500 DAG-1600
Air supply capacity m3/hour 40 120 200 300 400 500 600
Dew point ≤ (-55) ~ (-70)
Working pressure Mpa ≤ 0.7 ~ 0.8
Air pressure

0.01 ~ 0.8 (adjustable)

Air filtration precision micron

≤ 0.01

Power supply 380Volts, 50Hz, 3Phase (Or customized)
Working mode

Continuous working with twin tower automatically shift, heatless regeneration of desiccants

Desiccants material

Activated aluminum oxide
Size Length mm 800 2240 2300 2300 2350 2950 3150
Width mm 1850 1690 1950 2000 2050 2100 2200
Height mm 1540 2400 2400 2430 2450 2750 2800
Weight kg 800 1350 2100 2360 2850 3500 3780

* The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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