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Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier

  • 2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine
  • 2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine
  • 2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine
2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine

2000LPH Turbine Oil Filtration Machine

  • Category: Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier
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  • Product Origin: CHINA
  • Model: TOP
  • Flow Rate: 600 ~ 18000 liters/hour
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:Turbine oil filtration machine is mainly designed for purifying used turbine oil (VG 32,VG 46,etc.). It is designed with moisture removing facility and filtering up to 5 micron.It can also purify emul

Description of Turbine Oil Filtration Machine

PureTech Turbine oil filtration machine is widely used in hydro power station, metallurgy and other industries to purify turbine oil of steam turbines, water turbines, fuel engines and steam turbine units. It can demulsify, dehydrate and purify heavy emulsified turbine oil and low viscosity lubricant mixed with water. It can also be used for other mechanical plants.

It is suitable for treatment of steam turbine oil (VG32, VG46, etc.), it adopts the latest technologies, which integrates gravity, sedimentation, reunion, vacuum separation, adsorption, separation and pressure filtration into one machine. With super strong demulsification (emulsion breaking), dehydration, deaeration, and impurity removal capabilities, it is an ideal equipment for processing steam turbine oil, low viscosity lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. It is especially suitable for used turbine oil with large water content and being seriously emulsified.

By removing contaminants (water, particles, impurities, etc.) from turbine oil, and avoiding sludge accumlation caused by oil oxidation during operation, which in return ensures the smooth and safe operation of steam turbine system.

PureTech Vacuum Turbine Oil Filtration Machine is one kind of supportive online oil purifying device that is equipped for hydro-turbines, turbines and other lubrication sets.

Performance of Turbine Oil Filtration Machine

thermal vacuum turbine oil filtration machine

Water content shall be decreased to less than 50 ppm.

• Total gas content shall be reduced down to less than 0.1%.

• Three stages of filters to ensure the filtering precision of 1 micron.

Demulsifying value by thermal vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier is less than 15 min.

Cleanliness of turbine oil after purification will reach or better than NAS 6 grade.

Features of Turbine Oil Filtration Machine

• Oil flow range from 1800 l/h up to 18000 l/h for selection according to the actual demands.

Demulsifying filters are designed especially for emulsion breaking, it makes up for the technical defect that the centrifuge cannot handle emulsified oil.

• Electrical heater is equipped with thermostat, avoid overheating of turbine oil.

Design of thermal vacuum (vacuum & heating) to promote the efficiency of turbine oil purification.

• Integrated three-stage filtering system ensures the high filtering precision.

Mobile Type, Continuous working and available for online processing of turbine oil after connecting with the lubricating oil tank of steam turbine.

Power supply can be customized according to your local power.

• Optional Parts provided for selection:

a) Fully automatic panel of the unit with PLC, controlled by easy user interface. Touch panel for easy operation placed on the electrical cabinet.

b) Digital oil flow indicator to display both the total flow and instantaneous flow.

c) Digital moisture content meter (hygrometer) to keep testing the ppm of electrical transformer oil.

d) Other specific requirements if you have, we accept tailored demands.

Specification of Turbine Oil Filtration Machine

Machine Parameter

Item Unit TOP-10 TOP-20 TOP-30 TOP-50 TOP-100 TOP-150 TOP-200
Flow rate liters/hour 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000
Vacuum degree Mpa (-0.08) ~ (-0.099)
Working pressure Mpa ≤ 0.3
Temperature range 40 ~ 80
Power supply 380Volts, 50Hz, 3Phase (Or customized)
Heating power kw 9 15 24 30 60 90 96
Total power kw 10.5 17 26 33 66 98 106
Inlet/outlet diameter mm 19 25 32 32 48 50 58
Size Length mm 930 1200 1400 1500 1650 1750 1900
Width mm 610 710 850 950 1200 1200 1250
Height mm 1280 1290 1300 1400 1800 1820 1950
Weight kg 210 250 280 350 650 1150 1300
Oil index after purification Cleanliness NAS 6
Water content ppm ≤50
Filtering accuracy micron 1
Demulsification value (emulsion breaking) min ≤ 15

* Please inquire us for other flow rates or types.

* The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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Our After-Sales Service for You

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• Design accept user's customization.

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