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  • Mobile Vacuum Oil Filling Unit
Mobile Vacuum Oil Filling UnitMobile Vacuum Oil Filling Unit

Mobile Vacuum Oil Filling Unit

  • Category: Vacuum Pump System
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  • Product Origin: CHINA
  • Model: VOF
  • Flow Rate: 10 ~ 20 liters/min
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:VOF Mobile Vacuum Oil Filling Unit has been widely used in power plants, power stations, oil depots, industrial and mining enterprises for vacuum oil injection and filtration of gasoline, diesel oil,

Application of Vacuum Oil Filling Unit

Model VOF Vacuum Oil Filling Unit is developed and produced by PureTech for filtering impurities and vacuum injection of various mineral and vegetable liquid oils such as transformer oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, etc. For instance, the preparation (degassing), storage, transportation and adding transformer oil in the bushing of transformers, height-voltage ports of transformers and switches. This oil filling unit can be used on power plants, substation and other energy facilities.

Working Principle of Vacuum Oil Filling Unit

Turn on the vacuum pump, when the vacuum value reaches -0.065~-0.095Mpa, you can insert the oil pumping gun into the oil storage tank. The vacuum control range is -0.07±0.02Mpa (customer setting). When the vacuum value is higher than this, the oil filling unit will automatically stop to ensure no backflow; when the vacuum value is lower than this, the unit will automatically start and vacuuming the equipment.

In the case of vacuum negative pressure, the oil passes through a strong magnetic filter to remove large metal particles in the oil and is sucked into the vacuum tower. Its storage capacity can be observed from the level gauge.

The oil in the vacuum tower is pumped into a clean oil drum through an oil transfer pump. When the oil level reaches a certain position, the oil transfer pump is turned off to achieve the oil transfer function.

working process of vacuum oil filling unit

Features of Vacuum Oil Filling Unit

• Light, flexible, and easy to move and operate.

No filter paper is needed and the site is not polluted.

• Sophisticated filtering system can filter out mechanical impurities in various oils, and can meet the requirements of long-distance, high-lift refueling and pumping.

• More convenient and practical to change oil and filter impurities for gasoline engines, oil switches, transformers, compressors, refrigerators, machine tools and other equipment that use a small amount of oil.

Technical Specification of Vacuum Oil Filling Unit

Model VOF-10 VOF-20
Vacuum Pumping Rate, m3/h 4 8
Motor of Vacuum Pump, kw 0.75 1.1
Motor of Oil Pump, kw 0.75 1.1
Oil Filling Capacity, liters/min 10 20
Pumping Head, m 5 5
Suction Head, m 5 5
Working Vacuum, MPa -0.065 ~ -0.095 -0.065 ~ -0.095
Working Pressure, MPa <0.4 <0.4
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3P or Customized 380V 50Hz 3P or Customized
Oil Inlet/Outlet Diameter, mm 14/16 or Customized 14/16 or Customized
Vacuum Chamber Volume, liters 100 or Customized 100 or Customized
Vacuum Chamber Effective Volume, liters 70 or Customized
70 or Customized

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