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Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant
  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant
  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant
  • High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant
High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment PlantHigh Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment PlantHigh Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment PlantHigh Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

  • Category: Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
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  • Product Origin: CHINA
  • Model: DVOP
  • Flow Rate: 1800 ~ 18000 liters/hour
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:High vacuum transformer oil treatment plant is designed to remove moisture, gasses and impurities from mineral transformer oil, to improve dielectric strength and insulation properties of transformer

Overview | High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

The High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant manfactured by PureTech is for the treatment (dehydration, degassing and filtration) of mineral transformer oil. The High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant are designed for transformer oil processing in workshops or in the fields, oil storage tanks, drums or directly in transformers. Purification of transformer insulating oil can be carried out off-load or on-load on customer's demanding.

Vacuum insulating oil purification plant is required for routine maintenance and repair work for power transformers, besides, new transformer insulating oil should be filtrated and dehydrated before filling into power transformers.

This Vacuum Oil Purifier is mounted on a common base with full frame and movable casters. For outdoor projects, a roadworthy trailer and weatherproof enclosure can be mounted.

Performances | High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

1. Water Removal: From 50 ppm down to less than 5 ppm.

2. Gas Removal: From 10% down to 0.1%.

3. Particulate Matter Removal:  99% of particles over 1 micron, or over 3 or 5 micron at customer's preference.

4. Dielectric Strength Improvement:  Up to 75 KV with double-stage high vacuum insulating oil purification plant.

Process | High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

The vacuum insulating oil purification plant is designed according to the different boiling points of water and oil. It mainly consists of a vacuum degassing chamber, heater, pre filter and fine filter, condenser, vacuum pump and roots booster pump, oil discharge pump and an electrical control cabinet.

The vacuum pump system draws out the air in the oil purification plant to form a vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the insulating oil is drawn from storage tanks to the oil purification plant, it passes through the inlet pipe and enters the pre filter to eliminate larger particles, and then enters the electrical heater (thermostat is installed to ensure no overheating). The oil is heated to 45~65℃ (setting value can be adjusted) before entering the degassing chamber. The heated oil is rapidly rotated by the spray wing to separate the oil into semi-mist. The water and gases contained in the insulating oil are thoroughly exposed to vacuum,and are continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump. The waterand gas in the condenser is cooled. The oil in the vacuum degassing chamber is discharged by the oil discharge pump into the fine filter to filter out the smaller particulate impurities, thereby completing the entire process of quickly removing impurities, moisture, and gas in the oil, so that the clean transformer oil is discharged from the oil outlet valve.

Components | High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

Main Components Included:

Three Stages Filtration System
Pre Filter, Fine Filter I, Fine Filter II, with a large surface area and dirt holding capacity
Electrical Heating System
Electric Heater, Thermostat, Temperature Gauge
03 Vacuum Degassing System
Degassing Chamber, Oil Level Controller, Solenoid Valves, Dispel Foam Device
04 Vacuum Pumping System Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, Roots Booster Pump
05 Oil Transfer System Oil Discharge Pump(Oil Outlet Pump)
06 Electrical Control System Electrical Panel, Electrical Protection, Alarm, Emergency Stop, Overloads, etc.
07 Instruments and Gauges Vacuum Gauge, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Controller,Temperature Gauge, etc.
08 Valves and Pipes Inlet Valve, Outlet Valve, Sampling Valve, Transformer Evacution Valve, Drain Valve, Circulation Valve, etc.

Optional Accessories:

Item Optional Components Recommendation Applications
01 Oil Inlet Pump It is recommended when the oil storage tank is below the horizontal plane of the oil purification machine, or when the horizontal distance exceeds 50 meters, or when separate oil transferring/filling without heating and degassing is required, etc.
02 PLC Control and Touch Screen It is recommended when automatic control is prefered, with PLC and touch screem, the working status of Oil Purification Machines will be displayed on the screen, include monitoring of pressure value, vacuum value, etc.
03 Online Moisture Content Tester It is recommended when online moisture content result is required to be shown on site. It can be installed at oil inlet or outlet, or both sides.
04 Oil Flow Meter It is recommended when providing transformer oil filtration service, as a charging tool.
05 Roadworthy Trailer and Weatherproof Enclosure It is recommended when outdoor transformer oil filtration service is required, and transportation between different substations.
06 Transformer Oil BDV Tester It is a portable offline type, which is equipped with printer, LCD display screen, etc.

Specifications | High Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

Machine Parameter

Item Unit DVOP-30 DVOP-50 DVOP-75 DVOP-100 DVOP-150 DVOP-200 DVOP-300
Flow rate liters/hour 1800 3000 4500 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum degree Mpa (-0.08) ~ (-0.099)
Working pressure Mpa ≤ 0.3
Temperature range 40 ~ 80
Power supply 380Volts, 50Hz, 3Phase (Or customized)
Heating power kw 24 30 48 60 90 120 130
Total power kw 26 34 54 68 100 135 146
Inlet/outlet diameter mm 32 32 44 44 50 58 65
Size Length mm 1250 1350 1550 1800 2000 2100 2300
Width mm 900 1000 1150 1400 1750 1850 2000
Height mm 1450 1500 1700 1750 1800 2250 2300
Weight kg 500 600 800 1100 1300 1900 2300
Oil index after purification Breakdown voltage kV ≥75 (Spherical electrodes)
Water content ppm ≤5
Gas content % ≤0.1
Filtering accuracy micron 1

* The machine size and weight can be changed slightly as per your requirements.

* Vacuum Pump Set, Dry Air Generator, SF6 Gas Recovery and Filling Machine can be selected alongwith.

Services | Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification Plant

• 12 months of quality guarantee.

Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

Free training on operation, maintenance and troubleshooting at PureTech factory.

Puretech engineers go to customer site for commissioning and training (payable service).

• Design accept user's customization.

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