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Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

  • Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant
  • Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant
  • Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant
  • Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant
Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification PlantMobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification PlantMobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification PlantMobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

  • Category: Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
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  • Function: Transformer Oil Purification
  • Model: DVOP/DVOP-R (with oil regeneration)
  • Flow Rate: 1800 ~ 18000 liters/hour
  • Lead time: 15 ~ 20 Days
  • Product description:Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plants are used for reconditioning of aged insulation oil, to improve insulating performance of transformer oil by removing dissolved moisture, gases, and pa

Application | Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

The PureTech mobile Double-Stage High Vacuum Mobile Transformer Oil Purification Plants (Model DVOP) are used for the conditioning and purification of aged insulating oil. As part of the transformer lifecycle management, regular servicing is essential, transformer oil treatment is very necessary, the process includes transformer oil dehydration, degasification and filtration. As a necessary maintenance tool for power transformers, it can effectively remove free and soluble water, gases and particulate matters contained in the transformer oil by single pass or several passes, thereby increasing and maintaining the dielectric strength of transformer oil, performing good insulation function in power transformers. Furthermore, depends on different demands of customers, our plants can be made as manually controlled or PLC controlled, integrating fully automatic functions suitable for off-line (de-energized transformer) as well as
on-line (energized transformer) filling, purification and filtration processes.

Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers (Model DVOP) adopt two-stage vacuum pumps, namely rotary vane vacuum pump and roots booster vacuum pump, they are especially applied to transformer oil treatment of 110KV,220KV,500KV,750KV,1000KV power transmission line.

In addition, Model DVOP can also be used as an vacuum drying and vacuum filling equipment during transformer maintenance.

Features | Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

Lower moisture content of transformer oil effectively

Lower gas/air content of transformer oil effectively

Elimination of residual gas from the insulation

Drying of transformer insulation includes insulation paper drying (with double stage vacuum pump system)

On-line measuring and recording of process parameters

Easy, intelligent and safe operation

Flexibility in application - various oil types and oil volumes

Process in short | Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

1. Filtration: Adopts one built-in filters to protect the oil purification plant against coarse contamination. And  two stages of fine filters to control the pollution level by removing 99.9% of the impurities over 5 (or 1) microns, and to achieve the final cleanliness of transformer oil.

2. Oil Heating: the aged transformer oil is heated by electrical heater with thermostat, which can brought the oil to the required heating temperature but avoid of overheating or dry burning. The specially designed horizontal heating tubes and generously dimensioned heating surface lower the heating density and lower the aging of transformer oil.

3. Degassing System:  this is where oil dehydration and oil degassing happens. This degassing system has been optimised and expanded with an automatic foam control. It has greatly expands the exposure surface of moisture under the vacuum, therefore greatly improve the efficiency of Transformer Oil Dehydration and degassing.

4. Vacuum Pump system:  it adopts a double-stage high vacuum pump system, used for evacuation of gases and create a vacuum for the degassing system. While it is not working for oil dehydration, it can be used standalone, as a separate vacuum pump system for transformer evacuation, to dry transformers and the insulation paper.

5. Oil transfer: the whole plant equipped oil pump to convery the transformer oil to different stages by means of differential pressure. It  can be optionally added frequency inverter to allow variable flow rates.

6. Other online measuring instruments and accessories: this oil purification plant can be included in some built-in measuring instruments and accessories, for example, built-in moisture content tester to check the real-time ppm value of transformer oil,  trailer-mounted type with water-proofing cover to protect the plant from harm of extreme weather or strong sunshine outdoor, etc.

Technical Data | Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

Machine Parameter

Item Unit DVOP-R-1800 DVOP-R-3000 DVOP-R-4500 DVOP-R-6000 DVOP-R-9000 DVOP-R-12000 DVOP-R-18000
Flow rate liters/hour 1800 3000 4500 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum degree Mpa (-0.08) ~ (-0.099)
Working pressure Mpa ≤ 0.3
Temperature range 40 ~ 80
Power supply 380Volts, 50Hz, 3Phase (Or customized)
Heating power kw 24 30 48 60 90 120 130
Total power kw 26 34 54 68 100 135 146
Inlet/outlet diameter mm 32 32 44 44 50 58 65
Size Length mm 1250 1350 1550 1800 2000 2100 2300
Width mm 900 1000 1150 1400 1750 1850 2000
Height mm 1450 1500 1700 1750 1800 2250 2300
Weight kg 500 600 800 1100 1300 1900 2300
Oil index after purification Breakdown voltage kV ≥75 (Spherical electrodes)
Water content ppm ≤ 4
Gas content % ≤ 0.1
Filtering accuracy micron 1


PLC automatic control system, Fully-Touch Screen, Mobile Trailer, Weather-proof Enclosure, Online Oil Testing Instruments, etc.

* Please inquire us for other flow rates or types.

* The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

* We have experienced engineering team which can provide technical support and customized service for you.

Main Components | Mobile Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plant

a) Coarse Filter

b) Fine Filters

c) Inlet oil pump (optional)

d) Outlet oil pump

e) Heat exchanger

f) Vacuum degassifier

g) Vacuum pumping system

h) electrical control system (PLC is optional)

i) Condenser

j) all connecting hoses, valves, instruments.

k) Transformer Oil Regeneration columns

l) mobile trailer and water-proofing housing (optional)

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